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Charleston wedding photographers Rod and Tara Pasibe of Red Shutter Studio have been in operation since 2006 and business owners since 1998. Our approach to wedding photography is quite simple: natural, professional and classic.

We have shot in nearly every church and venue in Charleston and know our way around town very well. We live, work and raise our children here in Charleston. What does this mean to you?

After hundreds of weddings successfully shot, delivered and archived, we know what works and what doesn't so that means less you have to worry about. Our approach on work is this is about you, your family, your celebration. This is not about building our work portfolio. We have been there ourselves and just want to provide quality work with a friendly professional attitude. We are admirers of the classic photographers and their work. We strive to create photographs that are timeless. 

We are constantly told that we are very personable, fun and pleasant to work with. Many of our clients have become lifelong friends long after the vows are exchanged. Either we are blessed with 13 years of fantastic couples and their families or there just isn’t anyone we don’t get along with. We do enjoy people.


We attend every event as if we are friends of the family. In some cases, after working with the couple for a year with the engagement photos, bridal portraits and rehearsal coverage, we have actually become family friends. And having someone you are comfortable with makes a big difference in how enjoyable your wedding day is. The photographer is the one wedding professional you work with that is witness to your most intimate moments of the day.

This is not just a job for us. Family is very important to us and that is how we approach working with you on this very important celebration of your life. And that concept works very well with us because we have maintained relationships with almost all of our clients after their weddings.

Dont take our word for it. Cruise over to our "Raves" page or Wedding Wire to see what folks are saying!

Rod is the principle photographer. He is always in close proximity to the bride. You'll also see him on the shutter for engagement and bridal shoots. Rod is a retired Army Infantry First Sergeant and combat veteran who served 22 years on the line. Fourteen of those years on active duty with the remainder in the California Army National Guard. Those 8 years in the Army National Guard allowed Rod to get great jobs in the design industry in the San Francisco Bay Area while still serving the country. He has worked as a graphic designer for a major Bay Area newspaper group, lead designer at a Silicon Valley magazine as well as teaching illustration courses at an art institute in San Jose, CA. Rod has always been into photography from an early age shooting and developing his own black and white film and using the darkrooms at school or a community center to develop his prints from negatives.
After moving to Charleston, South Carolina in March of 2006, his landscape photos were found by the staff at the Charleston Visitor's and Convention Bureau and as a result, he began to supply them with photography to use in promoting Charleston. Rod provides graphic design services and commercial photography to many local businesses.

Tara graduated valedictorian from Bullard High School in Fresno, California and graduated with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Tara met Rod while working as sales manager at a Silicon Valley magazine. The company would send them out on business trips together as lead persons of the sales and design departments. It was after many of these trips that they had the thought to strike out on their own and begin their own graphic design company, Newport653.

How it works on a typical wedding day:

On wedding day, you'll see Rod and Tara about the time when the bride starts her hair/makeup. Rod stays with the bride and her attendants/family. 

Rod will document the preparation process and the various activities surrounding the bride and her family and attendants getting ready for the big day. At this time, he will shoot the details of the wedding such as the bride's dress, shoes, flowers and any unique mementos that are special to the family. Rod stays to photograph the bride getting into her wedding dress before departing to prepare for the pre-ceremony family group photos.

If logistically possible, Tara will show up for the day where the groom is getting ready to get some shots of him and his attendants/family. They'll link back up when the pre-ceremony family/wedding party photos start.

The formal group photos before the ceremony begin after the the wedding party is dressed and ready. This usually involves photographing the bride with her family and bridesmaids and the groom and his family and groomsmen. If the couple wishes to not see each other until the altar, then we photograph the groups separately.

At the ceremony, Tara photographs the groom's reaction to seeing his bride coming down the aisle as Rod follow's the bride down the aisle. They stay out of view of guests as much as possible. If you want certain shots during the ceremony, let Tara know beforehand and they'll clear it with the church and/or minister. Some venues have strict rules.

After the ceremony, the formal group photos begin. We'll photograph the bride and groom's groups together. Then we spend time with just the newlyweds for their "alone time" photos. With a good shot-list and all participants present, we make the process go very quickly. We get a lot of comments on how fast and efficient our process is of getting the post-ceremony group photos completed. Even with our off-camera lighting system, we move pretty quick. We know no one wants to spend more time than absolutely necessary when there is a big party waiting on them!

At the reception, we shoot the wedding party entrance, first dances and speeches. Tara will try and get as many photos of the guests as possible and Rod sticks close to the bride and groom. We move around the venue to photograph all the details of how the venue was decorated and lit. Other details include the cake, centerpieces, entertainment and sometimes the food if we can manage it without getting in the catering team's way. Rod will typically leave the bride and groom to their guests at the reception, but if there is a great photo opportunity like a stunning sunset, he'll ask if you want that photo and get you back to your guests as quickly as possible. They stay with the party until the newlyweds leave for the night.

Directly after the wedding, Red Shutter Studio immediately makes two copies of every photo taken that day. These copies are stored in separate places for security. When all the images are developed and edited, an online photo album from the event is created from favorite images we pick. We send the link to the couple for their approval, and they will share their album with friends and family.

All the images, to include our favorites we selected for the online photo album, are then uploaded to an ordering gallery and will be available for purchase to friends and family. The newlyweds will send out the link to this gallery, and we will be happy to provide it to guests that contact us directly. 

In addition to having online access to all of the photos,  the couple will receive a digital archive of all full size, high resolution images for their own use with a transfer of all rights.